Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Prep Steps Progress Page 4/16

Deciding that this Camino thing probably wasn't going to be a walk in the Park. I did actually go for a few walks.
This is on the Brecon Beacons with a full pack.

Some days I even turned up for work thinking about walking !!

and would the Way be like this ?
Nysha's training ground in Fountainbleau Forest. From an early age she always liked to be on the edge of a precipice!

Someone suggested more hill walking !! 

And then some more !

And I'm going to be carrying this !! 11K with 2x 6K dumbbells... I wonder will my backside look big in this ?

Over this ...

And through this ... er! is this SAS training by any chance ??

There was a view from the top.....

Might as well shoot for the stars or...... just head for the bar

Though I was hoping I wasn't heading for a disaster.

However my Positively Pilgrim Persona and Perspective was progressing Perfectly .

I knew the pheasant look was going to all the fashion on the Camino this year.

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